Sunday, April 27, 2014

Courtney Family Photographer Folsom California

 If you want to meet the two most rambunctious little boys: look no further!
 These kids are adorable and have a ton of energy!
 Luckily we could capture a few good family photos, because the father found out he has brain cancer and actually has had to have several procedures and surgeries. 
He is doing good right now, and I hope it continues to go great for him!

Hadley Newborn Photographer Auburn California

 This little sweetheart was born to one of the cutest families I know... and the opposite of mine: two little boys followed by this little girl.
Little Hadley definitely was not so little, weighing in at nine pounds nine ounces!
 Congrats Jason and Ginny! She is beautiful!

Brynn Senior Portrait Photographer Loomis California

Del Oro is loosing some of its finest this year, including this chicka who is stunning and can create some of the most amazing works of art.
She is also smart, funny, and athletic! I am so excited to see where she ends up. 
Plus, she was such a good sport while photographing downtown... she even sat in the middle of the road for me so we could get some fun shots. 
Good luck at college!

Nielsen Children Christmas Photographer Orangevale California

Sooooo behind on photos, but trying desperately to catch up. 

Without further ado, Christmas photos!
Don't you worry though, hopefully I will be all caught up so soon you can see Easter ones in the same week :)
 These adorable little girls I get the privilege of photographing almost as much as my own. 
 We know each other so well that this is the conversation that went on between her and her mother several weeks ago:

Mom: Today is picture day at preschool are you excited?
Bridgette (in her super cute excited voice): Megan is going to be at my school!?

Loveland Family Maternity Photographer Newcastle California

For those who don't know, my maiden name is Loveland! You guessed it! I got the privilege of photographing my cousin's wife!

Photographing pregnant women is so interesting, because you get to capture their light that they exude from the happiness of being pregnant.
 They were expecting twins, and have since been blessed with a beautiful girl Lyla and handsome boy Lincoln.
 It is always so much fun to photograph those close to you, because you can really capture who they are. We even shot the photos in his parents backyard with such an awesome view overlooking Newcastle.
 They both are amazing parents and I am so excited for both of them!

Robinson Family Photographer Auburn California

Nestled in downtown Auburn is the Bernhard Museum, a place I often pass driving, but have never had the time or reason to actually stop there. Luckily, photographing this beautiful family gave me the needed reason.
 They were even able to get their two cousins out for a total grandkid shot for grandma!
 And here is there family altogether! They are seriously beautiful! Thanks Robinson Family!