Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Berry Family

 Oh so precious! I cannot begin to tell you how cute their little one is! This was such a fun photoshoot!

Bergeson Family

 As you can tell these are just the children of the Bergeson family, but they are all so awesome! They have been so welcoming since we have moved to Newcastle!

Harris Family

The Harris Family photoshoot was so simple and easy. Never have I seen so many good-looking people! Seriously, what a gorgeous family.

Hendrix Family Christmas Photo

Another adorable family that I get to keep tabs on when I frequent Sparks! Ronnie and I have been friends for a little while, but even before that our dads were friends and mission companions.

Jacobs Family

 This is a very dear friend from high-school and her family. I cannot believe how old her little boy is! It is crazy to get back together with old friends and see their new families grow!

Martinez Family

Man I love these guys! This is my sister and her in-laws. They have been so good to my family, especially when my dad passed away. You can tell they have a lot of fun!


Definitely hardest photoshoot ever. Probably because it is such a dear friend and I was super nervous (because she is good at everything and I was intimidated). But luckily, I was able to do a follow-up that made up for it :)

Little Lenoard

 Sorry I just had to throw these in there, 'cause she is just so dang cute...

Leonard Family

 Such an adorable family! We had such a blast shooting in downtown Reno. Funny enough we actually knew each other from my newlywed days of working at Grant Thornton--- Amanda (the mom) has a much better memory than me. However, in my defense I though she looked familiar.


 Obviously this is a senior session! Sarah was so beautiful and so fun to work with, I couldn't just stick to one or two photos for this post. Thanks Sarah and good luck!